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Unleash your inner Picassos with our Kid's Craft Jars. They are the perfect solution for rainy days, special days, birthdays, and days where you just need 5 minutes to yourself (we got you mama). These jars are designed by kids & moms - for kids & moms. That means they are easy-peasy, and guaranteed fun.


Each one includes:

- 1 wood shape to paint

- Paint Brushes and Foam Brushes 

- An assortment of paints

- Fun coastal accessories (think shells, rope, sequins, etc)

- Glue

- 1 placemat for mess-free crafting and easy clean-up

- 1 reusable glass mason jar


Best part? Bring your jar back for $5 off your next kit (or order a refill bag)!


Custom orders are available for birthday parties, family gatherings or just because!

Kid's Craft Jars

PriceFrom $15.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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